About our preschool

Our philosophy

We love children and are fascinated by their huge potential and curiosity about the world. This love and fascination inspired us to create Bright Beginners in order to give each child the chance to develop and discover their unique talents with the support of their teachers and parents.

We are an international English-speaking pre-school, and we focus on encouraging a healthy diet and lifestyle. We are the only English-speaking pre-school of its kind in Poland that incorporates elements of the Montessori Method. We provide a family atmosphere in which each small group – no more than 16 children – is taken care of by two teachers and instructors who are passionate about children.

The school has a beautiful garden where children can ride a pony, plant vegetables and experience nature. Interesting field trips are organised to inspire our children’s curiosity about the world around them.

Our core curriculum is based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) teaching programme. For those children who are going to continue their education in Polish primary schools, we also include the Polish core curriculum as required by the Ministry of Education.


Our aim is simple: to create the best conditions to enable our children to develop and to support them in achieving their full potential.