Additional Classes

One of our most important tasks is to create conditions for the comprehensive development of children. It is important that children can take part in a variety of activities and develop their skills within different fields. We carry out this task, among others, thanks to cooperation with the best specialists. Our trainers, teachers and instructors share passion, positive energy and
the ability to pass knowledge to children. It is of the utmost importance as talent can be discovered at any age. We have a fantastic soccer coach and dance teacher. Our kids also take part in rhythmics classes, cooking workshops that alternate with experiments as well as Spanish classes with a nativeSpanish speaker.

According to scientific research, children up to the age of 7 are able to learn any foreign language with a perfect, natural accent. As such, our foreign languages are taught by native speakers of their given language. An English native speaker is in each group.
In addition to extracurricular activities and excursions at Bright Beginners, children take part in
numerous workshops: robotics, dog therapy, sensory arts, ceramic workshops and programming workshops.

Moreover, preschoolers meet every two months as part of intercultural education
to learn from a guest of one of many selected countries. Thanks to this, they will get acquainted with the flag, music and the food of the country. They will learn a few phrases in a given language, check on a map where this country is located and learn what is its capital city. Above all, however, they learn to be open and respectful of diversity and other cultures. This is how we get to know countries like China, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Korea and many others.

Because learning through experience – as using emotions and senses is
the most effective form of acquiring knowledge – we have established cooperation with specialists such as a doctor, dentist and veterinarian. Children visit these specialists’ offices or the specialists visit us – to introduce to our pupils their profession and teach them various subjects, e.g. how to take care of their health.