About our preschool


Children are physically and emotionally safe at our preschool. We watch over the safety of children and respond promptly to their needs. We help them understand their own and others’ emotions.

Safety is a priority for us, as is a sense of acceptance of who they are. We teach them the rules of coexisting in a group and appropriate conflict resolution or coping methods with failures. All our teachers have completed a first aid course. We follow the rules, precautions and high safety standards to be sure that our pupils are safe both in the hall and in the garden, as well as during excursions outside of the preschool. All toys in the rooms are safe and age appropriate.

The only people entering the premises of our preschool are children attending the facility, those employed by us or those who are pre-arranged for a meeting. We have UVC lamps and all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected daily. There are also resources for hand disinfection, etc.