About our preschool


Marta Papiernik
Head of Bright Beginners Preschool

I am extremely lucky to do what I love. I have always been fascinated by people’s potential. Children’s brains are like sponges, their learning abilities almost unlimited. They are enthusiastic to learning and to explore their surroundings. My studies in early childhood education, pedagogy and English philology have helped me truly to understand children’s needs, which enables my team and I to create a safe and stimulating environment for children. From my previous experience working with students from around the world (notably in London at Milshare Montessori) I have been inspired to better understand and be open to other cultures.

At our pre-school, therefore, children have contact with people, cuisine, music and culture from different countries. As the proud mother of bilingual Michal, I wanted to provide the same opportunity to other children. I wanted to provide a safe space where children would be encouraged to discover the world around and to adopt healthy habits. As a mother of a child with allergies, I also understand the importance of healthy food, which is why we teach children to grow vegetables, provide cookery workshops, and incorporate physical activities into the routine. Sharing my knowledge with other people is a source of great satisfaction, which inspired me to complete my doctoral studies in Wroclaw University. I am still developing my knowledge, and I enjoy learning new skills and foreign languages (currently Spanish). I always enjoy exchanging knowledge and experience with my university students, our pupils’ parents and my fellow teachers. Working with a multi-cultural team that is passionate, creative, ambitious and sensitive is an amazing experience which requires continuous self-development, and being open to other people and their ideas.

I always dreamed of making a positive impact on the world, of making it better. Supporting my students during their practice at pre-schools made me realise that we need to change our youngest children’s learning environment. That is the reason why I created a safe place where children receive support to discover their talents and passions, and are encouraged to try new things, by following the ‘help me to do it by myself’ method of teaching. I also support parents by providing child development workshops for Polish and non-Polish parents, as well as writing articles and a book on this subject. As well as psychology and reading, I love cooking and traveling as a way to acquire new experiences connected to other cultures. Developing and supporting others gives me energy to go further on my journey.

Beata Kosser-Politowska
Deputy of BB Preschool

Being a graduate from the University of Zielona Góra, Faculty of Education, and having gained my experience in working with children during my employment in various kindergartens in Poland and Ireland, I have always been interested in child psychology and the ways children perceive the world around them and try to understand it.

I am fascinated by children’s curiosity, and enthusiasm in discovering new things and always try to look at the world through children’s eyes so that I can understand their needs, desires and interests in a better way.

Children’s enjoyment from discovering and creating new things are priceless for me. This is why I enjoy using creative methods of teaching, like arts and crafts, singing songs and dancing, as well as being interested in the Montessorii teaching method and Klanza plays.

I believe that each child is unique and deserves individual approach. Kids inspire me to never stop looking for new ideas, solutions and challenges associated with education, that is why I attend various courses to improve my teaching.

I am a mother of a 9 year old, Hubert, and a 6 year old, Karolina. Children have changed my life in many aspect. With them, I rediscover the world on a daily basis.

Ewa Klimaszewska
Coordinator of BB Preschool

I graduated from University College of English Language Teacher Education at University of Warsaw on English language teaching. I also studied Culture Studies of the United States and andragogy, also at the University of Warsaw. Since my first years of studies I have been working as an English teacher with different age groups from primary, secondary and high schools to adults but it is working with children that gives me the most pleasure and satisfaction. I love working with children because of their endless energy, honesty and unbelievable curiosity of the world. Those first years of a child’s life are the most important when it comes to their comprehensive development. That is why it is crucial for me to give each of my students the widest variety of possibilities for developing both their intellect, their emotions and social skills. I like music very much and I often use singing, dancing and movement activities, and playing the guitar during my classes. In my free time, I enjoy rollerblading and bike-riding, as well as being an aviation enthusiast.

Patrick Kimani

My name is Patrick and i am originally From Kenya. I did my diploma in Education and i have been working as an Teacher since specialising with children from kindergarten up to primary level.

Working with kids is always such a joy. Its fun,Imaginative, curious, and forever providing a new way to look at the world.

Educating children is not only important to me, but amazingly rewarding as I watch my students transform through learning. Bright Beginners is a school i believe in because it combines a unique blend of cultures and understanding that not all children have the chance to experience. I enjoy the one-in-one interaction with the children At Bright Beginners and it really amazes me how much children can learn from playing and interacting with other children. Children are always eager to learn new challenges and I love seeing their individual development grow and blossom into unique personalities . I hope I can guide the children I work with into not only a better understanding of English, but knowledge of multiple cultures and global awareness.

In my spare time, I love traveling and meeting and interacting with new cultures; I think it´s one of best ways of learning and growing as global citizens. I have a passion for teaching and developing programs with children and young people for this reason I’m involved with different organizations in Kenya and Poland.

Marek Sadowski

My name is Marek Sadowski and I am a student at Wrocław Medical University in the English Division. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois with a Polish-American background. Previous to attending medical school in Poland, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor in sociology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

My main interests in the medical field are family medicine, psychiatry and pediatrics. Being able to work with children and further their individual progress and development is a wonderful prospect for me. Throughout my life I’ve sought to help make the world a better place and promote the betterment of society, even if it is one individual at a time. What I hope to help give children is a better understanding of the vast world around them and the diversity of its people, places and cultures. I hope to impart onto them some of the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from years of traveling abroad and living on two different continents by further fostering the accepting, tolerant and open atmosphere that distinguishes Bright Beginners Preschool.

Anna Rajfur

My name is Anna Rajfur and I am a graduate of Preschool and Early Childhood Education at Wroclaw University. From the very beginning I knew that working with children is my vocation – one could say that I have a flair for doing this because of my mother who is a Pre – School and Early Education teacher too. I began gaining my experience right after my Matura exam when, after I had completed the caretaker course, I started to work at the nursery. I am a nice, cheerful, patient, ambitious and versatile person, so I’m still going to learn and improve my qualifications both regarding working with children as well as other areas. Music is my passion. Currently, I’m learning to play tenor saxophone. I would like to share my love for music and joy which music gives me with kids, because I believe that music should be an integral part of teaching and raising children as it impacts holistic development of a child. Music lessons, musical and movement activities, arts and crafts classes, give both me and children a lot of fun, joy and happiness. Constructive and creative work with children, is the work that gives me satisfaction because thanks to it I can observe the development of my little pupils doing the tasks, which stimulate their independent and creative thinking, they give them pleasure and shape their self-esteem.

Justyna Bednarska

My name is Justyna Bednarska. I am very happy to be part of the Bright Beginners team of teachers, because working with children brings me a lot of satisfaction, and observing the progress of children motivates me to develop and look for new teaching methods.
I have a qualification in the field of pre-school and pre-school education as well as qualifications to conduct sports activities. I have gained my professional experience working in kindergartens both in Poland and in Ireland.
Working with children from different cultures is a valuable experience for me, it allows me to constantly develop and improve, and also gives me a lot of joy.

When working with preschoolers, it is important for me that they feel safe and happy. It is also of great importance to build good relationships in the group, based on mutual trust, honesty and kindness. In everyday relations with children, I want to be not only a teacher for them, but also a friend who will support them in their struggle with the surrounding world. Interaction with the group allows me to develop creativity, thanks to which I can conduct activities that arouse children’s curiosity, are easy to learn and remember.

Children make me rediscover myself, I notice their small but very important matters. I have the opportunity to see the world through their eyes.
Their satisfaction and smile motivate me to continue my efforts and look for ways to create optimal conditions for them to discover the surrounding world and acquire new knowledge and skills in an interesting way.

My passion is physical activity, I take care of my good state of mind and body, and thus I would like to infect my pupils. In my opinion, physical development is one of the fundamental elements of education, which allows you not only to develop awareness of your own body, but also to develop perseverance in pursuing your dream goals.

Wesley Knudson

My name is Wesley and I’m a native English teacher from the United States. I’ve been teaching for about two years now and have completed my TEFL teaching certification. I personally have four brothers and three sisters so working with kids is something I’m very much used to. I enjoy playing guitar, photography, and traveling the world

The best thing about working with children is the spontaneous personalities and the fast paced work environment so one must always be alert and ready for anything to happen. I will pay most attention to the students’ learning behavior and adapt my lessons to fit their learning needs. This way of teaching not only affects for the better of the child but further progresses my knowledge of the countless and vast teaching methods. I will develop the students by giving them independent responsibilities to gain respect for themselves and each other.

Education is very important for me. I love working at Bright Beginners because for me it has a great team and no school can function properly without a great unit working together. I would hope my students would look up to me and be the best of themselves without arrogance or ignorance but love and respect for the ones around them.

Angelika Czucha-Budak
My name is Angelika Czucha-Budak. I graduated with honors with a master’s degree in the field of early childhood education and preschool pedagogy. Working with children brings me tremendous joy. My first experience working with children was during my studies, where I volunteered in an orphanage. I gained further experience as a teacher while working in a foreign language preschool.
In my work, I try my best to inspire harmonious development amongst all of my all pupils. I relish sharing in their achievements. Every child is different and has incredible potential that I try to gain insight into every day. It is important for me to create a safe environment for children to explore the world around them. I believe that preschool students learn best through their own actions, so I encourage their independence through my teachings.
I consider myself an ambitious and responsible person. I approach each task with positive energy and I commit myself wholeheartedly. The best reward for my work is the smile I see on each child’s face. It is their welfare that I put first and foremost. I am glad that I can be part of the Bright Beginners Team and develop myself every day to be a better version of myself.
Ruth Leonora Nabakwe

My name is Ruth Leonora Nabakwe. I’m from Nairobi, Kenya.In general,I have experience working with children from different age groups here in Poland.I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Science and a Diploma in Journalism and Mass communication.

I am empathetic, patient, jolly ,reliable and a communicative individual to be around. In my leisure time, I love cycling, travelling, going for nature walks and reading. I would love to incorporate my love for nature, dance, reading and music into my classroom.

My teaching philosophy will include helping children be self reliant and also helping each child find their own passions and interests to the betterment of their own individual growth. Working with children brings me joy and its something that I enjoy doing. I’m honoured to be part of Bright Beginners Preschool community.

Patrycja Salamon

My name is Patrycja Salamon, I graduated with a degree in pedagogy and early childhood development support at the University of Wrocław. I am also a graduate of postgraduate studies in pedagogical therapy and art therapy at the SWPS University in Wrocław and preschool and early childhood education at the University of Social Sciences in Łódź. Working with children has always been a joy for me. I have many younger siblings and cousins, whom I have had many opportunities to look after and help organize their free time. During my undergraduate studies I also took care of children. After graduation, I started working as a teacher in a kindergarten with elements of Maria Montessori’s pedagogy and in a primary school as a teacher as well.

Accompanying children in their development and watching how they discover the world is incredibly fascinating and satisfying for me. It is very important for me to take an individual approach and adjust tasks and the level of difficulty appropriate to their individual needs and abilities. I believe that even trying to do something new and challenging is a great success for any child. Any activity that stimulates their creativity and allows them to express themselves in a creative way is something I will support and pursue. Painting is my hobby, so I would like to pass on to my pupils as much as possible the passion for joyful creation, and also to develop a sense of aesthetics in them. As a lover of animals and plants, it is of utmost importance to me to respect every creature, even the smallest ones, and I also try to teach this to children.