About our preschool

Our vision and mission

Our vision:

Imagine children who believe in themselves, follow their dreams and are not afraid to try new things. Children who never give up, even if they fail to achieve something. Children who respect other people and understand their own emotions. Children who speak English fluently, have healthy habits and enjoy physical activity. These are all our children. Thanks to the safe environment, and the friendly and supportive atmosphere, all our children are able to be their true selves and to fully develop their talents.

Our mission:

We know that every child is unique and has talent. Our mission is to discover and develop these talents. Pre-school is a crucial stage of education during which not only do children play but also shape their notion of themselves and their surroundings. Where they learn how to adopt a creative approach to different tasks, how to discover the world, how to respect other people, and how not to be impacted by negative emotions. If children receive the right support and guidance during this stage of their lives, in the future they are able to achieve anything they want.

How do we do it and what are the effects?

Our secret is an individual approach to each child. That is why we created Bright Beginners. A small pre-school with a family atmosphere, with small groups – up to 16 children – with two teachers looking after each group. We have a beautiful garden where children can ride a horse, grow vegetables, and experience nature, which helps to stimulate their curiosity about the world. Passionate teachers and additional class instructors ensure that our children have opportunities to experience and try different things on their own as well as to discover their own talents. Having a healthy lifestyle is another important issue for us, which is why we play different sports, grow vegetables and learn how to cook. Our menu is created by a pediatric nutritionist and the meals are prepared in our kitchen with the use of organic products. We bake our own bread and make freshly-squeezed juices. Our staff come from different cultures, but we have in common a love for children, and a passion and sensitivity to children’s needs. We encourage the joy of discovering the world through “learning by doing” with the use of experiments and microscopes. We motivate our children using elements of the Montessori Method. We adopt a “help me to do it myself” approach. We are far more than simply an English international pre-school. We offer a place created with a love for children, and with an aim of realising the individual potential of each child.