Elements of Montessori

As we understand and appreciate the joy of children discovering the world around them, curiosity makes them learn because they want to. We stimulate and excite their curiosity and motivate them to learn using some elements of the Montessori Method.

1. We encourage them children to be independent, so we don’t do everything for them, but we are around to help when they need us. We follow and encourage the approach of ‘help me to do it by myself’.

2. Order – we put the toys back in the right place after use as it is difficult to focus in an untidy environment.

3. We observe the children so that we can get to know them better and see the progress they make.

4. We believe that every child has talent. Through our observations, a well-organised environment and classes run by specialists, we can discover each child’s unique talents and individuality.

5. We pay attention to the environment in which the children spend their time because harmony and order have an impact on them and their ability to focus.

6. Our furniture and some toys are made from top quality certified wood.

7. We encourage healthy habits in our children. We ensure children wash their hands before mealtimes and after using the toilet. We also ensure that children brush their teeth after meals. We also recognise the vital link between proper nutrition and a child’s overall development.

8. We spend a lot of time outdoors which leads to the children experiencing nature as well as play.