Working with parents

We work with you, the parents, too. We have a library where you can borrow books which will help face the challenges of being a parent, or books related to your children’s development. As a parent, you receive a newsletter every week which includes the weekly plan, the menu, and information about upcoming trips and activities. The newsletter also keeps you informed about the highlights from the previous week and what is going to happen in the coming week.

We also invite you, as parents, to attend picnics and to celebrate different occasions along with your children. Additionally, you have regular meetings with the teachers to discuss your child’s development. We encourage you to communicate openly with us, through meetings with teachers, the head of the school, by email, and by completing surveys. We really appreciate feedback from you.

Every 5 months you receive a development report written by all the teachers and instructors from any additional classes. The report provides information on the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and language development of the child. We identify any areas which may need improvement and set out how the teachers are going to address this, and how you may support them. We believe the best results are achieved when teachers and parents work together.