Natural foreign language acquisition

Thanks to everyday contact with English native speakers children naturally acquire a proper English accent through playing.

Close to nature

Children spend time in the preschool's garden every day. They grow vegetables and also get a glance and come in contact with animals.

Elements of
Montessori Method

We allow children to be self-reliant and we encourage them always to try and to never give up. Children discover the world and develop as according to their own interests with the need-ful guidance and support of a teacher.
Why we stand out?

Mission & vision

of our kindergarden

We are delighted to invite you to our English-speaking preschool with organic food which is located in Wysoka (1 km from Wrocław). Bright Beginners is an international English-speaking kindergarten where pupils of many cultures and nationalities can meet. Children are exposed to the English language throughout the entire day which consists of indoor/outdoor activities, playtime, meals, and music. It has always been my dream to create a kindergarten where kids can feel completely comfortable, safe, and relaxed, as if in their own home. First, we set about on finding a perfect place complete with a beautiful garden.

Our aim is to create a safe and friendly environment where children can not only develop their skills, but also explore the world and feel happy. Next, we sought out people who are not only fully qualified teachers, but also passionate about working with children. Our staff recognizes that children are unique and individual in their development. We are committed to showing respect to each child through our warm, encouraging, and caring attitudes. There are two teachers who take care of each group: A native English speaker and a Polish teacher who is fluent in English. Our work with children will be based on games, songs, art, dialogue and fun.

The last spots are now available


We still have a few places in our prechool for September 2022
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